The Atlantic Regional Water Coordinator acts on behalf of the Atlantic Policy Congress and works closely with the Atlantic First Nations Water Authority and First Nation leaders to provide AFN with support for their ongoing water initiatives including the Safe Drinking Water for First Nations draft framework. The Atlantic Policy Congress and Atlantic Regional Water Coordinator work to ensure that First Nations in the Atlantic region have an equal part in AFNs work to repeal and replace the Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act.

The Housing and Infrastructure Department is responsible for research, analysis, and development of policy alternatives and programs for all aspects of housing and infrastructure for our member communities. We support and work cooperatively and collaboratively with First Nation Leadership, Treaty Tables, Tribal Councils, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), and NGOs. 

We strive to support our member communities’ housing programs by fostering long-term collaboration and capacity development for housing technicians and managers, and we work with the Chiefs Committee on Housing and other partners to address regional housing issues. Increasingly, we are supporting regional partners to facilitate and strengthen the transfer of services from ISC to Tribal Councils and First Nation communities.

We have a variety of projects currently underway. Check out Current Engagement to see where you can provide your input for ongoing projects.

For more information about APC’s housing and infrastructure work please contact: hanna.daltrop@apcfnc.ca.

Call for Members: Housing Technicians Committee

Do you work in housing in an Atlantic First Nation? Do you have two hours every two weeks to devote to meeting with other housing technicians and managers?

Contact us to see how you can join the Housing Technicians Committee where you can learn and collaborate with others, gain insight from guest presenters, and contribute your valuable experience to the improvement of housing programming in Atlantic First Nations.