Community Planning

Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) is a process through which the community can plan its development in a way that meets the holistic goals, targets and visions for the community.

A plan serves the following functions:

  • It inspires Nation-building. Encouraging First Nation leadership, staff and members to articulate their vision for their community fosters a sense of collaboration between Band departments, community members, neighbouring communities, and fosters a sense of Nation-building.
  • The plan provides continuity. It gets everyone across all departments, decision-making bodies and community members on the same page, using a common framework to address issues as they arise.
  • It empowers the community. By participating in the creation of the plan, the community becomes more self-aware and as a greater sense of ownership and involvement in its future. As the plan is implemented, the community has the tools to confidently approach change.
  • It is an essential step towards Self-Determination. Effective land use planning can help Nations achieve greater self-determination, cultural revitalization and economic development by getting clear and aligned on their goals and plans for their lands.
  • Builds capacity, teamwork, and expertise. As community staff and Band Councils take on the CCP, the process improves communication and skills. The plan will enable evidence-based decision-making and will streamline fragmented efforts and uses of resources.
  • Coordinates future development. The plan will anticipate future infrastructure, development, and land use needs. This will foster confidence among community members and the business community.
  • Culture is central. The plan can utilize culture, traditions and Traditional Knowledge as the foundation and central focus of the planning process and vision for the future. 
  • Protects investment. Well-planned, phased development patterns ensures the community can spend less money to provide services, maintenance, and repairs.

What is the APC’s role in the Comprehensive Community Planning Process?

The APC champions and supports the CCP process, and is currently working to understand how we can best support Atlantic First Nations to develop and implement their own CCP. We are in the early stages of gathering information from relevant organizations, communities and government departments who can share data on CCPs in Atlantic First Nations with the intention of identifying gaps and learning how the APC can fill them.

Funding for Comprehensive Community Planning

Funding support for CCP is currently available through the following programs:


We have linked various tools and examples linked below:


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