Providing clean, safe and reliable drinking water is vital to healthy First Nations communities.  The Safe Drinking Water Act, Bill S-8, was passed in Parliament in 2013.  Bill -8 contains 15 clauses which confer the responsibility of developing regulations regarding drinking water provisions and wastewater disposal.  Bill S-8 clearly defines lines of responsibility between the owner and regulator of water & wastewater assets. Currently, AFNHIN is working in collaboration with expert partners to proactively address the new requirements outlined in Bill S-8. 

This bill has been repealed and work will begin on developing a new safe drinking water act.

Water & Wastewater Working Group

APC is working collaboratively with AFNHIN to provide quality advice and strategic direction and advocacy in the areas of housing, water, wastewater, and emergency response planning. The AFNHIN provides a forum for transparent discussion amongst Atlantic First Nations communities, regionallywith tribal First Nations organizations and the federal government. APC is working on various committees that focus on priorities raised by the Chiefs.

This work will be coordinated by the APC water coordinator.


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