Committe Structure

Chiefs Committee on Housing & Infrastructure

This sub-committee of the All Chiefs Forum meets quarterly to discuss the strategic direction of housing  and infrastructure programming in Atlantic First Nations, and provides a concentrated area for collaborative decision-making.

Housing & Infrastructure Technicians Committee

This committee provides a consistent, bi-weekly space for Housing Directors, related staff, and Tribal Council staff to share best practices, successes, and challenges. Through fostering a collaborative and innovative environment, members of the Housing & Technicians Committee are empowered to provide their ideas and recommendations to the Atlantic Chiefs Committee on Housing & Infrastructure.

The Committee advises on the development and implementation of First Nation programs and policies, tenant and homeowner education, the delivery of Federal programs, and the financial management of housing programs.

Call for Members: Housing & Infrastructure Technicians

Do you work in housing in an Atlantic First Nation? Do you have two hours every two weeks to devote to meeting with other housing technicians and managers?

Contact us to see how you can join the Housing Technicians Committee where you’ll have the opportunity for professional development, collaboration with others, gain insight from guest presenters, and contribute your valuable experience to the improvement of housing programming in Atlantic First Nations.