Safety Information

Routine Inspection and Maintenance Manual

Because First Nations are pursuing marine fisheries in an aggressive way, they want to extend basic vessel and engine maintenance knowledge to as many band members as possible. The Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs (APCFNC) is providing this manual to help First Nations fishers develop their skills, and establish and maintain a leadership role in Atlantic Canadian fisheries. At the same time, all users must remember that information supplied by specific engine and vessel manufacturers should take precedence over any general information set out in this booklet.

COVID Industry Information

For the latest on DFO COVID-19 Information for industry, Indigenous peoples, and other partners, click here.

COVID-19 Impacts on Maritime First Nations Fishing Industry

In March 2020, APC hired TriNav Fisheries Consultants Inc. (TriNav) to conduct weekly updates from March to June 2020, then move to monthly updates from October to March 2021. A final assessment of COVID-19 impacts on First Nation fisheries from March to June 2020 was developed. The goal of this report is to describe the current status of the markets for various seafood products and project short-term and medium-term impacts of the economic disruptions. This report also includes recommendations on strategic directions for APC to best navigate the changing situation on behalf of the First Nation communities it represents.

COVID-19 and the Seafood Industry Updates

Reports by TriNav Fisheries Consultants Inc.