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Water and Wastewater Operators

Check out WaterMovement, a registered Canadian non-for-profit whose mission is to bridge the connection between Indigenous water treatment operators.


The following are lessons in water for youth. You may access the lesson through three options.

Option 1 is to download the free lesson and source any required materials independently (most are free or low-cost).

Option 2 is to order a lesson box which you can keep for 1 month before returning to APCFNC (postage-paid). Both these options require a teacher or adult to administer the lesson.

Option 3 is to request a virtual facilitator to help out.

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K-Grade 2

Students will explore the many ways in which the four elements: Fire, rock, water, and wind, affect our daily lives and all the living things around us, as well as the importance of the Medicine Wheel to First Nations People.

Grades 3-5

Students will learn that water is important, and that part of their body is water. They will also learn about Boil Water Advisories, Do Not Consume Orders, and Do Not Use Orders including when these are called and the great number of them in First Nations communities

Grades 6-9

Students will learn that water is a molecule composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Students will learn about water’s three states. They will also learn about contaminants that can be in water and their health effects.