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Melissa Nevin | Fisheries | APCFNC

Melissa Nevin

Director of Fisheries and Integrated Resources

Melissa Nevin is a proud member of Sipekne’katik First Nation. She holds an advanced Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Saint Mary’s University, and has continued her education in public policy, geography, and project management. Melissa joined APC as the Director of Fisheries and Integrated Resources in October 2018.

As director, Melissa works with the Fisheries and Integrated Resources Team to address fisheries and environmental related issues, policy initiatives, identify opportunities, and provide updates to the communities on current and upcoming issues. Her role also consists of coordinating and collaborating with Government, Academia, Industry, Indigenous organizations, Atlantic First Nations communities including the Atlantic Aboriginal Aquatic Research Ocean Management (AAROM) bodies and Commercial Fisheries Liaison Coordinators (CFLCs). Furthermore, she also sits on several committees and working groups, focusing on First Nation policy and fisheries resource management.

Prior to her position at APC, she served as a Mi’kmaq Consultation Researcher for the Kwikmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn Negotiations Office (KMKNO) for eleven years. She also worked with the Un’amak’i Institute of Natural Resources (UINR). Melissa has trained in public management and policy and has worked on National Parks, Fisheries, Indigenous Knowledge, and participated in various committees on energy, mining, environment, climate change, fisheries, both on a provincial and national level.

Melissa is a travel enthusiast and has visited over 9 different countries, including much of Canada and the United States. Outside of work commitments, Melissa enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, walking, and swimming, and spends time with her friends and family enjoying a good meal and traditional foods.
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Charlie Marshall | Fisheries | APCFNC

Charlie Marshall

Fisheries Policy Analyst

Charlie Marshall has been part of APC’s Fisheries and Integrated Resources department since September 2017 working as a Fisheries Policy Analyst. His main files are Species at Risk, Marine Protected Areas, Marine Spatial Planning and Indigenous Knowledge. Reviewing policies and providing recommendations concerning these files are his main duties, however he is a member of regional and national Species at Risk advisory committees, to be a voice for the communities of the Atlantic.

Charlie is a proud Millbrook First Nations community member. He graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Aquatic Resources and majoring in Public Policy and Social Research. Charlie has been passionate about Species at Risk for many years and while attending StFX, he wrote his thesis on the Implementation of the Species at Risk Act with regards to Atlantic Salmon. Prior to joining APC, he worked for Mi’kmaw Conservation Group as a student and full-time (2013-2017) managing river restoration projects, operating the Stewiacke Atlantic Salmon smolt wheel and actively involved in adult Atlantic Salmon snorkel surveys.
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A photograph of Jade Robinson.

Jade Robinson

Fisheries Coordinator

Jade Robinson is a proud member of the Sipekne’katik First Nation, and a recent graduate from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, majoring in Wildlife and Aquatic Biology and a minor in Environmental Sustainability. Jade has experience working with other projects surrounding coastal restoration, habitat remediation, as well as stock assessment and research. She has a strong desire to advocate on behalf of the Nations APC represents through policy analysis and implementation that directly benefits and reconciles aquatic and land stewardship and capacity building.

As part of her role as the Fisheries Coordinator, she coordinates and liaises with the fisheries managers and directors in the Atlantic First Nations communities. Jade also facilitates and coordinates the Commercial Fisheries Liaison Coordinators (CFLCs) quarterly meetings and works with the CFLCs on participation at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) advisory committee meetings in the Atlantic. She also works with the Canadian Coast Guard Indigneous Working Group, which is made up of members from the Canadian Coast Guard – Atlantic Region (CCG), DFO Human Resources, and various First Nation groups across the Atlantic, who focus on the recruitment and retention of First Nation members within the CCG. Jade also assists with coordinating the Annual Fisheries Conference and Awards Banquet.

Having spent most of her life on the land and water, with fond memories of exploring the woods and waterways surrounding her home community, she has a deep connection with restoring and preserving wsitqamu’k (the earth) for the future generations. Also, the daughter of a strong Mi’kmaq Rights advocate she was greatly influenced by the many years of her life spent tagging along to different meetings regarding important issues surrounding treaty negotiations and the Mi’kmaq Nations on-going fight for sovereignty and self-determination.

Outside of work Jade enjoys spending time with her three children and partner as well as gardening around her home.
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Allie Rivers | APCFNC

Allie Rivers

Policy Analyst for Fish & Fish Habitat

Allie Rivers joined APC in January 2023 as the Policy Analyst for Fish & Fish Habitat. Her work includes reviewing fish and fish habitat policies and regulations stemming from the Fisheries Act and providing policy analysis support for other initiatives in the department. She also works to support and strengthen efforts on the conservation and protection of fish and fish habitat for First Nations in Atlantic Canada along with other fisheries initiatives.

Allie was born and raised in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minor in Ocean Sciences, Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment from Dalhousie University in 2015. Prior to her work with APC, Allie worked in various sectors including environment, agriculture, aquaculture, and construction. Over the past 4 years, Allie has been supporting First Nations communities in the areas of fish habitat restoration and Indigenous Protected & Conserved Area (IPCA) development.
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Jovana Kornicer

Jovana Kornicer

Jovana Kornicer joined APC as the Regional Climate Leadership Coordinator in October 2023. In her role, she coordinates with Indigenous climate leaders in Atlantic First Nation communities to provide support in combating climate change impacts. She also works to strengthen First Nation community capacity in climate leadership, action, and energy related initiatives.

Jovana was born and raised in the US and spent her summers in Serbia with relatives. She moved to Canada during high school and graduated from Dalhousie University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. She worked as a research and laboratory assistant in various laboratories at Dalhousie, looking at how climate change is impacting marine species and their habitats. Prior to joining APC, she worked for Oceana Canada, supporting conservation efforts to protect marine habitats across Canada.
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Aimee Searle | Fisheries | APCFNC

Aimee Searle

Communications Administrative Assistant

Aimee was born and raised in qospemsis (Quispamsis, NB) in the Wolastoqey Territory, but also spent some of her childhood in Quebec and the eastern shores of the United States. She currently holds a certificate in Office Administration from the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) and will soon graduate with a Diploma in Business Administration from NSCC.

Aimee joined APC in May 2020 as the Communications Administrative Assistant for the Fisheries and Integrated Resources Department. In this position, Aimee works closely with the Director of Fisheries and Integrated Resources, Policy Analysts, and the Fisheries Coordinator by providing administrative and logistical support. She also assists with the coordination of various activities, meetings, workshops, and helps coordinate the Annual Fisheries Conference and Awards Banquet.

Prior to her work with APC, she served as a receptionist at Safety First Contracting for two years, where she assisted in various traffic control operation tasks, safety courses, and completed general administrative duties. She also served on the Joint Occupational Health and Safety (JOHS) committee as their secretary and helped co-write their new orientation training program.

Aimee currently resides in Upper Rawdon, Mi’kma’ki with her boyfriend. When not at work, Aimee can be found exploring the beauty of Atlantic Canada, hiking various trails, exploring rural areas on her ATV, or searching for waterfalls with her closest friends.
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