Fish & Fish Habitats

Fish & Fish Habitat Protection Workshops

APC’s Fish & Fish Habitat Protection (FFHP) workshops have and continue to be a space for Atlantic First Nations communities and organizations to meet and discuss issues, gaps, and recommendations in DFO policies and frameworks with respect to the Fisheries Act, share stories about the fish and fish habitat work happening in the region, and to learn from one another and build meaningful relationships in the process.  Some of the policies and/or draft frameworks that have been discussed at APC’s FFHP workshops include but are not limited to:

  1. Codes of Practice
  2. Cumulative Effects on Fish & Fish Habitat
  3. Engagement Framework
  4. Fisheries Act Registry
  5. Framework for Aquatic Species at Risk Conservation
  6. Framework to Identify Fish Habitat Restoration Priorities
  7. Offsetting and Banking Policies
  8. Prescribed Works and Waters Regulations
  9. Death of Fish Position Statement
  10. Existing Facilities and Structures Position Statement
  11. Ecologically Significant Areas Framework

General resources on the above-mentioned topics are available on the Let’s Talk Fish Habitat website. Please find the presentations and summary reports for APC’s FFHP workshops to date below.