Housing & Infrastructure


The Atlantic First Nations Chiefs Committee on Housing & Infrastructure will consist of Chief’s representatives from each tribal council and Federal Government from the Atlantic Region. The Chief’s Committee on Housing and Infrastructure will receive recommendations from the Atlantic Housing and Capital Directors which will provide strategic direction on Housing and Infrastructure for First Nations in the Atlantic Region to the Chiefs Committee. The main objective of the Committee on Housing is to organize and support the strategies received to move forward a new collaborative approach to housing and infrastructure.

The Chiefs committee will also include senior level representation from ISC, CMHC, and APC staff where they will co-develop on new strategies that will enable Atlantic First Nation individuals, families and communities have access to healthy, adequate, appropriate and affordable housing and the infrastructure to support it. The Atlantic Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure will serve a transparent forum where regional housing needs can also be raised at a National level. Both Chief’s that participate on the Chief’s Committee on Housing & Infrastructure at the Assembly of First Nations will participate on both the Partnership Committee and The Chief’s Committee.