On-Reserve Housing Infrastructure- Recommendations for Change

Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples – On-Reserve Housing & Infrastructure: Recommendations for Change.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia — Chiefs encouraged by the report On-Reserve Housing and Infrastructure: Recommendations for Change and the thoughtful detailed recommendations provided by the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples. The Senators took the time
and effort to come directly to our communities and listened carefully to the wide array of concerns and possible solutions to this complex problem which has been a part of reserve life for decades.

Our Chiefs feel the recommendations are carefully thought out and reflect some real actions which must be considered by the Harper government as well as all other federal party leaders for action and implementation not more talk and discussion.

This final part of the report must be addressed seriously by the lead federal agencies Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and not become another report to build a strategy of excuses for delay. A 9 billion dollar problem exists and this really needs to be addressed through a combination of efforts and actions conducted in partnerships to ensure actions will significantly produce quality infrastructure and quality housing in all our First Nations communities.

“As the election day approaches in October, all First Nation people will be looking to see which First Nation Housing & Infrastructure issues get much needed attention and action as detailed in the Senate report recommendations” noted Chief Gloade APC Co-Chair. “The report provides a blueprint for actions which can be achieved working in partnership with our First Nation communities and people” stated Chief George Ginnish APC Co-Chair. “Our Chiefs wish to express our thanks for the work conducted by the Senate Committee and the report recommendations can be an opportunity to find real solutions to the Housing & Infrastructure Crisis which exists in all our communities”, noted John G. Paul, Executive Director APC.

APC is a policy research and advocacy organization which provides advice to improve the lives of all Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy and Innu peoples and communities.