Needs Assessment

2016 Housing Needs Assessment

Studied, analyzed and written by APC Housing and Infrastructure staff in 2017, the purpose of the Atlantic First Nations Housing Needs Assessment (AFNHNA) was to identify housing challenges and needs in Atlantic First Nation communities. The AFNHNA represents a major milestone in the effort of Atlantic First Nations to more effectively account for the scope and depth of the housing challenges in the region’s communities. 

Each community in the Atlantic region was asked to answer a survey that was used to determine the number, type and location of affordable housing units to replenish the housing stock in the short-term and strengthen housing stock in the long-term. This report uses adequacy and suitability standards, two components of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) criterion for assessing housing need. Atlantic First Nation housing need was further surveyed and researched according to the following dimensions:

  • Demographic Profile
  • Decontamination Needs
  • Replacement and Renovation Needs
  • Financial Analysis
  • New Housing Needs

2023 Housing Needs Assessment

The following infographic highlights the key findings from the 2023 Housing Needs Survey:

APC Housing Needs Assessment 2023 Infographic