Rethinking Treatment in First Nations Communities

Photograph for Indigenous Mental Wellness & Addictions Training | APCFNC
Quote for Indigenous Mental Wellness & Addictions Training | APCFNC

“We need a Healing Lodge, where we can practise our own way of life and looking after our own mental and emotional well-being. Getting in touch with the land, honouring the water, giving thanks to the animals that help to identify our strengths and weaknesses. Prayers are about giving thanks, giving thanks for food and the medicines that we have, giving thanks for another day on Mother Earth.”


About Glenda

Glenda Wysote-Labillois, MSW, RSW, is the owner of Sacred Fire Healing Lodge in Ugpiganjig, New Brunswick. With a belief that clients need a safe place to experience their healing, Glenda uses a blend of cultural and western models in an environment that is culturally conducive to the needs of Indigenous People.


Join in the conversation as Glenda highlights the difference between her centre and a standard treatment center and how this method, where culture is the foundation, can be implemented.