2020 Fisheries Conference


The APC Annual Fisheries conference is an opportunity for Fisheries Managers and leaders to stay informed, discuss and strategize about issues of common interest. Conference sessions include discussions about commercial opportunities, fisheries policies, training and marine safety, fisheries diversification, financial management and other issues identified by participants.

January 29th, 2020

Overview of Atlantic Fisheries Programs
An overview from the executive director of APC about Atlantic Fisheries programs.
John G. Paul (APC)

DFO Action Plan on Reconciliation Strategy
A description of DFO’s reconciliation strategy.
Gorazd Ruseski (DFO)

Update on Action and Renewal of DFO’s Indigenous Programs
An update on the renewal of DFO’s Indigenous-based programs.
Kevin Fram (DFO)

AFN Fisheries Update
An update on AFN’s national fisheries activities.
Ken Paul (AFN)

Implementing the Fisheries Act
A presentation outlining measures to improve outcomes for depleted marine fish populations.
Katie Schleit (Ocean’s North)

Halifax Joint Rescue Coordination Centre
A presentation outlining the joint rescue coordination efforts between the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian AIr Force.
Captain Doug Gardner (RCAF)

Joint Rescue Coordination Centre – Halifax
A presentation describing how to contact search and rescue authorities from both a Coast Guard and Air Force perspective.
Sean Arbour (CCG)

Fishing Vessel Safety and Regulations
An update to Transport Canada’s fishing vessel safety regulations.
Robert Freake (Transport Canada)

Right Whales and Fisheries
A description of the right whales’ decline in Canada and potential solutions moving forward.
Sean Brillant (Canadian Wildlife Federation)

Let FMS Work for your CFE
An overview of the updated Fisheries Management System and how it can benefit community fishermen.
Cindy Theriault (Fisheries Business Development Team) & Evelyn London (Oromocto FN)

January 30th, 2020

APC Fisheries & Integrated Resources Updates
An update on APC’s Fisheries & Integrated Resources department.
Melissa Nevin (APC)

Atlantic Fisheries Fund
An outline of DFO’s Atlantic Fisheries Fund.
Denise Lang (DFO)

Opportunities in Aquaculture for Atlantic First Nations
An overview of potential opportunities in aquaculture for Atlantic First Nations.
Adrian Desbarats (Ulnooweg) & Jason Mullen (Ulnooweg)

Bideford Shellfish Hatchery
An overview of Lennox Island’s aquaculture operations.
Mike Randall (Lennox Island FN)

Aquaculture in Miawpukek First Nation
An overview of Miawpukek’s aquaculture operations.
Clyde Collier (Netukulimk Fisheries Ltd.)

We’koqma’q’s Hatchery
An overview of We’koqma’q’s fish hatchery.
Don Davis (We’koqma’q FN)

Fishery Co-Products: Increasing Value and Sustainability through Strategic Utilization
A scientific overview about how sustainable bait through co-products can promote economic and environmental success in the fisheries sector.
Dr. Zhuliang Tan (SuBait)

The Status of Fisheries Rebuilding in Canada
A description of Oceana’s 2019 Fishery Audit and a health status report on the fish stocks of Canada.
Devan Archibald (Oceana)

2020 Seafood Market Outlook
An international market outlook of the seafood industry for 2020.
Zack Whynot (TriNav)

Translating Innovation into Products and Services
A presentation outlining how innovation can impact the fisheries industry.
Johannes S. Larsen (Valores) & Sebastien Hache (Valores)

Marine Hybrid Energy
A technical description of how hybrid battery-powered boats can both help the environment and save costs over time.
Harry Sappier (Peskotomuhkati Nation)

AKA Hybrid Fishing Boat
An overview of AKA’s hybrid boat prototype.
Darren O’Leary (AKA)

Marine Hybrid Solutions for Commercial Marine Applications
A description of engineering processes for marine hybrid boats.