2018 Fisheries Conference

19th Annual Fisheries APC
Conference Materials

The APC Annual Fisheries conference is an opportunity for Fisheries Managers and leaders to stay informed, discuss and strategize about issues of common interest. Conference sessions include discussions about commercial opportunities, fisheries policies, training and marine safety, fisheries diversification, financial management and other issues identified by participants.

APC Fisheries Workshop
Rick Young, TriNav Marine Design Inc.

The Status of Fisheries Rebuilding In Canada
Devan Archibald, Fisheries Scientist, Oceana Canada

Real Time Monitoring of Right Whales Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Dr. Kimberley Davies, Dr. Mark Baumgartner, Delphine Durette-Morin, Hansen Johnson, & Dr. Christopher Taggart

Whales, Fisheries, and Whales and Fisheries
Sean Brilliant, Sr. Conservation Biologist, Canadian Wildlife Federation

Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE)
Fisheries and Oceans Canada