Projects & Intiatives

Atlantic Housing & Infrastructure Technicians Committee

This committee Housing Directors and Tribal Council Staff can share their best practices, successes and challenges. They will provide ideas and recommendations to the Atlantic Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure on how Federal programs how should be managed and delivered to best meet the needs of all Atlantic First Nation communities.

Atlantic First Nations Housing Needs Assessment

The purpose of the Atlantic First Nations Housing Needs Assessment (AFNHNA) was to identify housing challenges and needs for First Nations communities in the Atlantic Region. The AFNHNA represents a major milestone in the First Nations effort to more effectively account for the housing challenges in the region’s communities.

This survey answers questions through preliminary research and survey methodology to determine the number, type and location of affordable housing units to replenish the housing stock in the short-term and strengthen housing stock in the long-term. This report uses two components of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) criterion for assessing housing need—adequacy and suitability standards. First Nation regional housing needs were surveyed and researched according to the following dimensions:

  • Demographic Profile
  • Decontamination Needs
  • Replacement and Renovation Needs
  • Financial Analysis
  • New Housing Needs