Mi’kmaq Maliseet Atlantic Youth Council (MMAYC)

The Mi’kmaq Maliseet Atlantic Youth Council (MMAYC) is a two-year term leadership opportunity for ten elected youth. MMAYC’s vision is for Atlantic First Nations youth to achieve their potential and thrive socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Its mission is to create a voice for the youth. To this end, MMAYC’s purpose is to support its vision and to provide respected counsel to community leaders, government, and Assembly of First Nations (AFN) by relaying information about the issues facing youth and advocating on their behalf to strengthen and advance the goals of youth, to, in turn, result in greater self-identity and independence through strategies that balance traditional values and modern practices. APC provides secretariat support to MMAYC.

District Representative
Piktuk and Sipekne’katik Savanna Francis
Signitg Kailey Simon
Ktaqmkuk/Miawpukek Jess Saunders
Unama’kik Tevin Nicholas
Gespeg’awagi Vacant
Kespukwitk Vacant
Abegweit Vacant
Mi’gma’gi Vacant
Wolastoqiyik Vacant
Sitansisk Vacant