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Atlantic Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative

The Atlantic Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (AICFI) supports Mi’kmaq and Maliseet First Nations in developing commercial fisheries enterprise governance and business management skills, building capacity in commercial fisheries operations, and playing a more effective role in fisheries co-management. The AICFI serves eligible communities located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and the Gaspé region in Québec.

The major goal of AICFI is to provide the mentoring and training required to support First Nations in building capacity in commercial fisheries. Much of the work of APC’s Fisheries Department is related to the different components of the AICFI that contribute to the overall goals of the program. These include:

  • Component 1: Enterprise Governance Enhancement
  • Component 2: Management Practice Enhancement
  • Component 3: Fisheries Co-Management Capacity Building
  • Component 4: Commercial Fisheries Diversification

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