Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Development Integrated Research Program (AAEDIRP)

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The Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Development Integrated Research Program (AAEDIRP) is a unique partnership between member communities of the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat (APCFNC), the Inuit of Labrador, fifteen Atlantic Canadian universities, and federal and provincial government funders. The main purpose of the AAEDIRP is to work with Aboriginal communities to improve the knowledge base concerning Atlantic Aboriginal economic development in order to improve the lives of Aboriginal peoples in the region. The research approaches community economic development from a broad, holistic perspective based on Aboriginal culture, languages and direction from Elders.

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$1.6 Billion of Indigenous business revenue…and Growing Rapidly (+137% since 2012)

Highlighting Successful Atlantic Indigenous Businesses

Research conducted by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business shows that Indigenous small business owners across Canada are growing in numbers and experiencing wide-spread success in terms of profitability and growth and in ways that go beyond the bottom-line. Nationally, the number of Indigenous business owners and entrepreneurs is growing at five times the rate of self-employed Canadians overall. The research identifies the number, industry scope and geography of Atlantic Indigenous businesses and their economic contribution and provides actionable recommendations to inform and expand business growth.

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