Atlantic Aboriginal Economy Building Strategy (AAEBS)

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The Atlantic Aboriginal Economy Building Strategy (AAEBS), also known as the “Chiefs’ Strategy,” helping to build prosperous, autonomous, and sustainable Nations.

There are four priorities for this strategy:  
1) To build the net worth of Aboriginal communities by increasing Aboriginal control of land, resources and property throughout Atlantic Canada.  
2) To strengthen Aboriginal Peoples businesses so that ownership, income, and employment from businesses are comparable to non-Aboriginal rates. 
3) To develop a skilled Aboriginal workforce that can fully participate in the regional economy.     

4) To establish and maintain sound baseline information on the Atlantic Aboriginal economy, that provides evidence of progress and opportunity.

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Latest News

APCFNC Federal Budget Press Release February 28, 2018

Atlantic First Nations Chiefs applaud the Federal Government’s budget priorities related to Canada’s indigenous peoples. In particular, the government’s commitment to the establishment of innovative First Nations-led service delivery models for Water and Wastewater will benefit Atlantic First Nations communities, many of whom have been facing a water crisis without access to clean and safe drinking water and wastewater.


Deepest Condolences to the family and friends of Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy


For Immediate Release – December 4, 2017