Atlantic Aboriginal Economy Building Strategy (AAEBS)

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The Atlantic Aboriginal Economy Building Strategy (AAEBS), also known as the “Chiefs’ Strategy,” helping to build prosperous, autonomous, and sustainable Nations.

There are four priorities for this strategy:  
1) To build the net worth of Aboriginal communities by increasing Aboriginal control of land, resources and property throughout Atlantic Canada.  
2) To strengthen Aboriginal Peoples businesses so that ownership, income, and employment from businesses are comparable to non-Aboriginal rates. 
3) To develop a skilled Aboriginal workforce that can fully participate in the regional economy.     

4) To establish and maintain sound baseline information on the Atlantic Aboriginal economy, that provides evidence of progress and opportunity.

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Latest News

APC Media Release - Budget 2017 Encouraging. March 22, 2017

For Immediate Release – March 23, 2017 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Atlantic Canada’s chiefs are encouraged by the strategic directions and investments laid out in the 2017 Federal Budget. 


Atlantic First Nations Housing Needs Assessment - Press Release

The purpose of the Atlantic First Nations Housing Needs Assessment (AFNHNA) was to identify housing challenges and needs for First Nations communities in the Atlantic Region. The AFNHNA represents a major milestone in the First Nations effort to more effectively account for the housing challenges in the region’s communities.

Atlantic First Nations Housing Needs Assessment: Click on Link for- Brouchure


Mi’kmaw Economic Benefits Office: A Model to Build On

In collaboration with the Conference Board of Canada, The Atlantic Policy Congress (APC) of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat releases report highlighting critical success factors in establishing meaningful partnerships between Atlantic First Nations and governments and corporate sectors.


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